The High Strength of GFRC: A Brief Guide

A Guide to GFRC Strength
GFRC, technically known as glass fiber reinforced concrete, is fast becoming one of the most widely used construction materials because of its numerous benefits, including its versatility for a number of projects and applications as well as its ability to be made to look like everything from natural stone, to wood, to terra cotta.

Although it is lightweight, one of its biggest benefits is its incredible strength and durability, offering more than traditional concrete. Here’s why and how.

The Strength is in the Mix of Materials
What makes GFRC such a strong product is the type of materials and the mixture of these materials. The strength comes from the glass fibers as well as other materials like polymers. It is this synergism between the materials that cannot be beat in terms of strength. Also, with less water to cement, this ratio leads to high strength. The strength of the material can also be impacted by the product methods of the GFRC.

And, this higher strength includes a greater flexible and tensile strength that makes it a superior product compared to traditional concrete, which often cracks under pressure. Not GFRC! It can support a high load and offer flexibility to withstand seismic forces. It also means it can withstand other elements, including thermal response, creep, and moisture movement while holding up well under the pressure of bending and shearing forces.

What makes this strength even more amazing is the significant difference in weight. Since it is so light in weight, the strength may come as a surprise when compared to concrete. Because of this lightweight feature and strength combined, GFRC can often be used in new ways for construction projects, including pre-cast concrete panels for a building.

Just How Strong is GFRC?
While there are varying mixes of GFRC, there are some general strength figures we can provide to illustrate its strength. For example, the glass fiber that is used in a high-quality GFRC mix essentially has a higher tensile strength than steel. The general rule is that the higher the fiber content, the higher the strength. This means that a typical mix with 5% glass fiber has a compressive strength of 6,000 to 8,000 psi. Impressive!

Our glass fiber reinforced concrete has undergone accelerated aging tests in the laboratory as well as tests conducted on real installations. Our tests reveal that GFRC, as a highly durable product, can be expected to last as long as pre-cast concrete.

In fact, when tested against a Portland concrete, GFRC performed better in relation to water exposure. This is because there is no steel reinforcement to corrode as it is not necessary with such a lightweight material.

Free Estimates for GFRC Products
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