GFRC Reinforcement

Reinforcement of GFRC 

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, also known as GFRC, is fast becoming one of the most commonly used construction materials and the material of choice for architects who are looking to add high quality, durable architectural features to buildings and structures. This is because GFRC is known to be tough, strong, lightweight and versatile for hundreds of uses. Even better is the fact that GFRC does not need further reinforcement.

Reinforced from the Inside Out

That’s because GFRC is reinforced from the inside out. The components that make up GFRC add the reinforcement, so no other support is needed to ensure that it stays in place.

GFRC is essentially made up of Portland concrete that is reinforced with special glass fibers and polymers, as well as manufactured or natural sand and fine crushed natural stone. To change its color, iron oxides are often added to the mix.

Our GFRC material includes special proprietary polymers that are used to improve the material’s performance. As such, our exclusive recipe and manufacturing processes have produced some of the strongest and most durable GFRC in the world. And, we can say that because we have the lab tests to support it.

While traditional concrete must typically use rebar or some type of metal reinforcement, GFRC relies on its own strength, created from the elements within. This means that it can withstand major pressure and force, including seismic activity, without cracking or fracturing like regular concrete often does.

Reinforced to Withstand Ocean Water

GFRC has a wide range of applications where it works better than traditional concrete, including within a marine environment. For example, Stromberg Super GFRC has been used in underwater environments for years without experiencing any corrosion. While conventional concrete relies on rebar or steel mesh face reinforcement that eventually rusts and corrodes, GFRC does not use this type of reinforcement and relies on glass fiber reinforcement instead.

Nor does it experience the effect of concrete that tends to double in size as the steel reinforcement corrodes, leading to  cracking or spalling from “rust jacking” as well as rust staining. That’s because Stromberg GFRC relies on fibers that are four times stronger than steel and never rust. Whether it is in the ocean or even near the ocean, this GFRC product relies on interior reinforcement to go the distance, maintaining its look and its durability. So, if it can withstand the ocean waters, imagine what GFRC can do on your construction or remodeling project on land in terms of maintaining its beauty and strength over time.

Free Estimates for GFRC

If you are looking for a versatile, durable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective construction material or GFRC architectural product for your project, Stromberg Architectural can help. You can reach our team of architectural experts through our online contact form or by phone at 903-454-0904.

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