Ornamental Detailing with GFRC

March 18, 2015

General GFRC Information

GFRC is the Perfect Choice for Your Ornamental Details
As a versatile material that can be made to look like just about any material and have a wide range of finishes and colors, GFRC is the ideal solution for an architectural project that involves ornamental details, including fireplaces, countertops, rock features and more. Here’s why.

The Challenge of Creating Ornamental Detailing
Whether hand or machine carved, certain ornamental details require a depth of talent to achieve the smallest details within the material being used. Some materials are often difficult to work with, being delicate and challenging when it comes to carving complex patterns or designs. The challenge is that some materials are difficult to work with and are not as adaptable or flexible, breaking down when carved with too many details.

GFRC’s Adaptability
Because of the ingredients used to make GFRC, the material is very adaptable and flexible, making it and easy to work with so that it can be shaped into just about anything as well as crafted into complex and ornamental details. There are many different applications and processes for creating these ornamental details that benefit from the use of GFRC over traditional materials.

For example, the surface finish to architectural panels can include ornamental details that are acid etched and then completed with a tint to highlight these details. Adding ornamental pieces made from GFRC can also be embedded into these panels, including countertops, fireplace surrounds, or wall features, without concern over shrinkage that would distort the details, which often happens with other types of materials. The lightweight aspect of GFRC also makes it easier to work with in terms of adding these decorative details onto existing architectural features and does not add to the weight of these features.

Another good example of ornamental details where GFRC provides an excellent solution is the use of rock features in and around the home, including a swimming pool or a rock wall. While ornamental detailing is often thought of as scrolls and flourishes, this term also relates to any architectural feature that includes complex designs in terms of physical features and coloring. For a rock feature, this can include adding the look of aggregate and highlighting the various hues often found in different types of rock.

A GFRC Expert
Working with Stromberg Architectural means partnering with a pioneer in the field of GFRC development, manufacture, and application. The team, consisting of engineers, architects, and designers, has worked on over 1,400 successful projects that have included a wide range of ornamental details on everything from columns, walls, frames and fireplaces to facades and more. Adept at working with all types of architectural styles, the team provides expert advice on ornamental design details as well as renderings, drawings, and models to ensure that these details are perfect.

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