GFRC Offers the Ultimate in Design Freedom

February 18, 2015


Enjoy Design Freedom with GFRC
There is no building or architectural material quite like glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). Besides its strength, ease of use, eco-friendliness and resistance to a whole host of elements, GFRC has unmatched versatility in how it can be used and what it can be made to look like.

GFRC Can Look Like Virtually Anything
The composition of GFRC is primarily the reason for why it is so versatile. With incredible tensile strength, this material has incredible flexibility to accommodate more shapes and sizes. With that strength, the GFRC can span greater lengths, such as from floor to ceiling, and take on complex shapes, including curves, without breaking or losing its integrity. For example, countertops can span lengths of up to 15 feet or even longer with fewer seams throughout.

Additionally, GFRC can be cast to make architectural wall panels that are thin and light like standard wood paneling and be finished to look like wood as well. If you are looking to create the look of rock formations without having to transport and arrange heavy boulders, GFRC can be made to look just like a rock waterfall or stone-scape.

As a material made into various tints like white, buff, and gray, GFRC can be finished in any color or it can be finished with a polished look, lightly textured, or heavily textured. Colored decorate glass or stone can be added to the GFRC mixture to create the look of granite.

This aesthetic versatility can be further enhanced by the ability to add patterns and other colorful effects directly into the GFRC. This includes adding various types of aggregates, pigments, and sand to the GFRC formula. The material can also undergo different types of sandblast treatments that create new looks and design possibilities. Further visual effects can be created by attaching or casting stone, brick, or tile veneers.

Design Freedom Means Endless Applications
With the design freedom that makes it possible to turn GFRC into any size, shape, pattern, or color means the opportunity to use it in a seemingly endless number of applications. Here are just a few of the applications that GFRC can be used for:
• Fireplace Surrounds, Hearths, and Mantels
• Countertops
• Bathtub and Shower Surrounds
• Flooring
• Wall Cladding
• Playgrounds and Playground Equipment
• Murals
• Mascots
• Outdoor Accessories
• Architectural Features, including columns, cornices, railings, statues and more
• Garden Furniture
• Signage
• Swimming Pool Features and Landscaping
Basically, if you can think it up or imagine a pattern or design, GFRC most likely can serve as the material that makes it a reality. This is an effective solution for everything from new construction projects to historical restoration jobs.

Learn More about the Design Freedom of GFRC for Architectural Products and Projects
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