GFRC in Any Color

February 25, 2015

General GFRC Information

GFRC Comes in Any Color Imaginable
One of the many benefits of GFRC is its design freedom so that it can look and feel like just about any material out there. This has helped to create some incredible architectural features, including everything from whimsical play sculptures and imaginative architecture at resorts like Atlantis in the Bahamas or Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

However, GFRC’s versatility extends beyond just texture and finish. There is also the design element of color, which is important to many architectural projects. Here’s what is possible when it comes to color and GFRC.

Using Color in Architectural Features
Color is an important design element on both the interior and exterior of all types of buildings. It adds visual interest and can make one building stand out from those around it. As a design element, color also works as a visual way to create recognition between the viewer and the brand or application that the viewer may be interested in.

Color has also been seen as a way to create a certain mood or environment in a building, which can be conducive to productivity or improve attitudes. Whatever the reason, color is a critical element that becomes part of the design process.

GFRC and Color
When you use GFRC for your architectural elements, you can basically name your color and the team at Stromberg Architectural can match it. There are three basic colors that are used, including Smooth White, Limestone Buff, and Limestone White. Consider these as the base colors available.

From there, Stromberg Architectural can match colors provided from something as small as a paint chip to a fabric sample or a pantone color. Custom colors can also be created from a simple idea.

Other GFRC color options include cast-in colors that include solid and mottled colors that look smooth, sandblasted, or even acid wash. Another option is to create an architectural element that is paint ready so that you can finish it with whatever paint or stain color you have in mind.

A Pioneer or Innovator in GFRC
Stromberg Architectural has been making, improving, and applying GFRC to more than 1,400 different projects around the world. Many of these have been very colorful in their appearance while others have been great examples of how original colors can be matched for historic building renovations.

The Stromberg Architectural team has the experience and knowledge to provide recommendations and expertise for using GFRC in a wide array of colors that would suit your particular construction or restoration project. Recognizing that every project is different, everything that the Stromberg Architectural team does is completely customizable to ensure it aligns with the project, style, and budget.

Free Estimates for GFRC Projects
Every construction or remodeling project can benefit from using GFRC because of the building material’s versatility and wide application. Please fill in our online contact form or call our experienced team at 903-454-0904 to learn more about how GFRC can be made into any color, finish, or texture as well as to receive a free estimate for your upcoming project.