GFRC Molds

March 7, 2014

GFRC Information

GFRC Molds by Stromberg
Part of our GFRC design process is to create a mold for our clients that helps ensure that what is manufactured will fit the restoration or construction project.

What is GFRC?
GFRC is glass fiber reinforced concrete, which is made of a mixture of glass fibers, concrete, aggregate and other ingredients in various proportions based on what type of architectural product it is being used for. As one of the most flexible architectural materials, GFRC can be made into virtually any shape, size, and texture.

Making GFRC Molds
A model is typically made out of plaster, foam, or sculpting clay or even wood. From there, it is placed in a frame that is typically a wooden box so that the model can be used to make the mold. Then, different materials are used to complete the mold. Depending on the type of architectural product that is being manufactured, there are several types of molds that can be made:

• Wooden Molds: These molds are used for architectural products that have very little or no detail, such as flat wall panels or those wall panels with little detail.
• Silicone Molds: These molds are more complex architectural products. First, a model is made out of a material and then this is placed in a frame. Spacers are used to hold it in place and then silicone or rubber is poured around this model. Examples where silicone molds are made includes bas relief or statuary.
• CNC Cut Molds: These molds are for custom pieces that need one casting and will not be needed to be made again. These are made from foam or wood or they can be cut from silicone or rubber as well. The molds use a CNC machine, which helps to create a panel that may have a flat design that must be very precise.

Advantages of Making a GFRC Mold
There are many advantages to having Stromberg Architectural make a GFRC mold for you.

Molds save money because with them we get the architectural product right the first time. It can be compared to an existing structure to see if it will seamlessly integrate as part of the restoration process or if it will tie into a new construction project. Plus, the mold can be used over and over for projects that require multiple, matching pieces helping to complete the project faster and producing a better quality structure.

Part of a Larger Process
The mold is just part of a larger process that Stromberg Architectural undertakes for clients when it designs and builds architectural panels and structures for our clients. Putting decades of experience to work on every project, design assistance includes consultation, drawings, scope development, calculations, and a preliminary budget and schedule. Installation can also be provided on some projects.

Free Estimates for GFRC Projects
As an innovator and true pioneer in GFRC, Stromberg Architectural can create virtually any type of architectural product using molds. We have completed thousands of projects that use GFRC and a design process that is accurate, timely, and cost effective. Now it’s your turn to experience the advantages of working with GFRC on your restoration or construction project. We offer free estimates through our online contact form or by calling 903-454-0904.

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