The Benefits of Reinforced Concrete

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

GFRC details at Caesar’s Palace were provided by Stromberg

Reinforced Concrete and its Benefits

Today’s construction materials have been expanded to include new materials that change what is possible with remodeling, renovation, and new construction as well as that respond to the need for smarter environmental choices and cost-effective solutions. One of these is reinforced concrete that offers multiple benefits for all types of products and projects. Here’s why!

What is Reinforced Concrete?

Reinforced concrete is known as GFRC. It is a type of concrete that contains glass fibers rather than steel. The mixture also contains aggregates and polymers.

The glass fibers reinforce the concrete while allowing a thinner layer to be used to create incredible strength that is, in fact, stronger than other concrete. Also, because it does not contain steel, there is no need to add a further layer of concrete to protect the steel from water so that it will not rust.

The glass fibers also have a higher tensile strength than steel.

The Benefits of Choosing Reinforced Concrete

There are a number of benefits to choosing reinforced concrete over traditional concrete:

  • It can be used wherever a material is needed that is fire-retardant, water and weather resistant, strong and light.
  • GFRC is an attractive and versatile material that can be made into any shape and then used to manufacture a number of architectural products, including window and door surrounds, column covers, garden furniture, planters, urns, tables, brackets, railings, domes and plaster just to name a few of the many products that are possible. Newer applications pioneered by Stromberg Architectural also include bus shelters, noise and security barriers, floating pontoons, sunscreens, storage tanks and marine structures.
  • Undergoing rigorous testing, GFRC can last as long as pre-cast concrete and can perform better in certain situations where there is high moisture or salt spray.
  • GFRC has a much lower impact on the environment than traditional concrete or stone. It is designed to be long lasting and earth friendly, including the mineral pigments and special polymers added to the mixture. Its lightweight quality also speeds the transport and construction aspects of a project, also reducing the carbon footprint.
  • It has been proven to solve numerous design and construction challenges. Since no two buildings or projects are ever the same, GFRC is a material that can address all types of issues in a way that is affordable and helps keep a project on schedule and on budget.
  • It is available in numerous colors and textures, including limestone, precast, or acid wash, or it can be made as paint grade that is easily finished with virtually any paint. The freedom of design is virtually endless with reinforced concrete.

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