GFRC for Terra Cotta Replication

terra cotta replication on building

GFRC for Terra Cotta Replication and Replacement

When older buildings with deteriorated terra cotta facades need restoration, Stromberg GFRC can help. Owners and restoration specialists have found that terra cotta brackets, columns, cornices, pilasters, and decorative friezes can all be precisely reproduced by Stromberg GFRC.

Benefits of Stromberg GFRC for Terra Cotta Replacement

  • Stromberg GFRC can accurately replicate even the most elaborate terra cotta ornament
  • Provide the look and feel of terra cotta masonry ornamentation
  • Lighter and easier to install
  • Ideal for re-cladding of terra cotta facades
  • Accepted by Historic Restoration Agencies and on National Historic Register properties

GFRC Terra Cotta Replacement Process

  1. A survey is made of the building to determine which terra cotta elements need replaced.
  2. Shop drawings are created that illustrate the GFRC parts, connections and their locations.
  3. Drawings and samples are submitted for approval.
  4. Molds are made from existing terra cotta pieces or pieces are re sculpted based on old photos or drawings.
  5. The molds are expertly cast in GFRC
  6. The gfrc pieces are finished and/or glazed to match the terra cotta
  7. GFRC elements are delivered to site for installation

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