GFRC Window Surrounds Add Flair to Your Building

September 7, 2011

Window Surrounds

Windows can get lost on a building.  GFRC Window surrounds set windows off and make sure they are noticed.  These surrounds can be cast in a number of designs.  As usual, Stromberg can do custom designs, as well.

Need ideas?  Stromberg has the world’s largest selection of window surrounds.  You need only add the specification that Stromberg is to be used to your project, slip the CAD file for the surround you have picked out in the plans, and we will take care of casting the design.

If you do not have a CAD file, we will make one.  Stromberg GFRC will help you with drawings, specifications, and custom design development.  We have 30 years of experience with this and are here to serve you.  We manufacture prototypes and can do production runs of any size.

One of the great things about GFRC is that it is so weather resistant.  Your GFRC window surround should not weather more than the rest of your building.  Since GFRC can be dyed any color, the window surround can be dyed to match your building or contrast with it for spectacular trim.

The famous Rose window in San Antonio took a very long time to carve out of stone.  We can cast a replica in 6-8 weeks.  GFRC allows us to cast just about anything.  Challenge us and we will respond with a window surround you can be proud of.  To issue your challenge and place your order, please call us at (903) 454-0904 today or email us at [email protected].