GFRC Provides Unmatched Durability

July 29, 2014

General GFRC Information

GFRC products for WinStar.

GFRC is ultra durable and can be used for any size project, big or small.

GFRC is Durable
As an alternative construction and restoration material to traditional concrete and terra cotta, GFRC has many qualities that make it an ideal choice. While it is known to be strong, tough, versatile and adaptable, GFRC is also highly durable.

Defining Durability
The dictionary says that when something is durable it is able to withstand a great deal so that it minimizes wear and tear and even decay. Essentially, when something is durable, it is built to last and keep performing over time rather than disintegrating or decaying. This also means that it is stable and reliable. And, that’s just what GFRC does.

What Makes GFRC Durable?
GFRC has glass fibers as one of its ingredients that provide the reinforcement to the building material, replacing the steel that is used with traditional concrete. What makes concrete less durable is that this steel often rusts, which then can lead to erosion and disintegration that eventually can compromise the structure. Added to this is the fact that its high density means that its water vapor permeance is very low.

Additionally, polymers within the GFRC mix of ingredients add toughness that helps the material withstand just about anything. This helps it to be less susceptible to erosion. Because of this combination of ingredients, GFRC also is more freeze-thaw resistant than traditional concrete.

Tests indicate that GFRC only shows the slightest flaking after 300 cycles of freezing and thawing while unreinforced concrete shows significant deterioration after just 200 cycles. Other tests indicate that the GFRC can go approximately 50 years in typical northern U.S. weather without any surface deterioration while concrete does not last nearly as long.

GFRC Applications
Because GFRC is so durable, it can be used for more applications than traditional concrete. For example, since it does not rust, GFRC can be used for marine environments and be submerged in saltwater. Beyond that, it basically can be used anywhere for any type of architectural product that needs to be weather resistant and fire retardant while also withstanding a certain level of seismic activity.

That means GFRC can be used for just about any type of application. That includes structural elements like window surrounds, doors, columns, cornices, railings, copings and domes. Then there are hardscape and landscape products like benches, planters, tables and fountains. New applications are also being developed due to this durability, including sandwich panels, bus shelters, noise and security barriers, and cable ducts.

Because of this durability and its versatility to replicate everything from wood and carved stone to terra cotta, GFRC is also an ideal solution for historical restoration and renovation projects. The durable material means that there will be fewer restoration projects in the near future, saving money and time.

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