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October 26, 2011

GFRC Information

Life-Cycle Costing Shows GFRC Outshines the Competition

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The Life-cycle cost of a product is the cost of a product throughout its lifetime. When comparing two products, it is important to examine both products’ life-cycle cost – not just the cost up-front.  Sometimes the one that is the cheapest at first glance can be the most expensive in the long run.

Life-cycle Costing GFRC

In order to determine the life-cycle cost a given product, there are several indirect costs that must be considered in addition to the purchase price.  These are:

  • Maintenance costs.  How often does the product need to be cleaned?  What special equipment is needed or special maintenance procedures undertaken?  For GFRC, maintenance costs are minimal.  The seams need periodic inspection and the product may need to be washed occasionally, but no special maintenance is required.
  • Operational costs.  Does the product require power, special fluids, or other ongoing expenses to operate?  GFRC itself does not have these costs.  If an illuminated bollard is purchased, the light would have a power cost associated with it.
  • Length of useful life.  How long will the product last?  GFRC products typically last as long as stone or poured concrete, for decades of lasting beauty.
  • Replacement costs.  How much does it cost to remove the product and install a new one when the product reaches its’ maximum safe age?  GFRC does not really age out, so replacement costs are not an issue with it.
  • Residual value.  When the product is used up or replaced for whatever reason, does it have any recycle value, or resale value.  GFRC products may have significant resale value as they are durable and have a long useful life.
  • Disposal costs.  How much does it cost to disposal of the product?  Are there special permits, techniques, or special places the product must be placed upon disposal?  GFRC has disposal costs that are similar to concrete or stone that is no longer wanted.

In order to fairly compare all products, the cost of each is calculated out to the cost of the maximum lifetime of the longest lived product.  All currency is converted to present time dollars using loan rates for the project.  The values are added up for each product and compared.

The cheapest product is not necessarily chosen, as additional criteria are applied.  These are typically the following:

  • Functional qualities.  Will the product do what is needed in a safe manner?  Does it meet all safety and regulatory codes?  GFRC is safe, durable, and can be cast to meet any codes necessary.  GFRC has withstood hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • Aesthetic qualities.  Does it look nice?  Does the look fit with the project?  GFRC can be cast to look like most stone and other materials.  Color matching to the exact shade desired is also possible.  GFRC meets the aesthetic needs of almost all projects.
  • Sustainability.  How does the manufacturer and use of this product impact the environment?  GFRC is very environmentally friendly, being made of gypsum cement, water aggregate, and glass fibers.
  • Financial.  As explained above, life-cycle costing should be employed to avoid any nasty surprises later in the life of the project.

GFRC Products Offer Better Life-cycle Costs Than the Competition

GFRC products from Stromberg Architectural Products offer low Life-cycle Costs without sacrificing appearance or quality. We are able to offer this amazing value because we are one of the world’s largest producers of GFRC products. With years of experience and a highly efficient manufacturing process, we are able to provide products that are just as good if not better than any other architectural products on the market for a lower Life-cycle cost.

Features and Benefits of Stromberg Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • GFRC has low maintenance costs
  • GFRC has low or no operational costs
  • GFRC is durable and gives decades of service
  • GFRC does not need to be replaced often, so replacement costs are low
  • GFRC has a residual value due to its’ durability
  • GFRC has disposal costs similar to those of concrete or stone
  • GFRC is environmentally friendly
  • GFRC is aesthetically pleasing

GFRC Projects Illustrating Factors Addressed in Life-Cycle Costing:

For More Information on Stromberg GFRC

After Life-Cycle Costing your project, you will find that Stromberg GFRC is the most cost efficient product over the life of your project.  Because it can be cast to resemble most building materials, is durable, and environmentally friendly, Stromberg GFRC is tough to beat.  The design professionals at Stromberg Architectural Products are ready and waiting to help you with your life-cycle cost analysis of our product and with the design and ordering of the end product.  Visit Stromberg Architectural Products for more information about GFRC, or call (903) 454-0904.  The initial consultation is free, so contact us today.

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