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November 15, 2011

GFRC Information

Countertops in GFRC


Stromberg Offers a Wide Variety of GFRC Textures

Premade GFRC Countertops

Countertops are essential in almost all buildings.  Well laid out counter space can increase productivity and the enjoyment of a space.  Poorly designed counter space can make accomplishing even simple tasks difficult. The material used in constructing the countertops is as important as their placement.  Poor grade materials split, crack, stain, and break quickly.  Good quality materials, such as glass fiber reinforced concrete, last a lifetime.

Stromberg Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Countertops are available in standard sizes for your building.  They come in a variety of textures and colors.  GFRC is a durable yet lightweight material made from Portland cement, carefully selected aggregates, glass fibers, and special polymers.  It is cast in a mold, giving this material the flexibility to conform to almost any shape or space.


Glass fiber reinforced concrete has a number of advantages as a material for countertops.  It is:

  • waterproof
  • nonporous
  • resistant to heat
  • fire resistant
  • resistant to chipping
  • resistant to cracking
  • available in a variety of textures (such as granite, marble, or other stone)
  • available in almost any color
  • resistant to common cleaners such as bleach and ammonia
  • does not need oiling
  • does not fade
  • can be cast in almost any form
  • lightweight so reduces load on structure

Size Limitations

Size matters.  For GFRC, there are some limitations as to how big one piece can be.  No piece can be longer than 14 feet.  Otherwise it is difficult to ship and handle for installation.  If more than 14 feet of countertop is required, multiple GFRC panels can be installed.

Countertops vary in width from one foot to four feet.  Two feet is generally ideal for wall mounted countertops as a person can easily reach things at the back of the counter.  Deeper counters are practical if the countertop is floor mounted but require additional bracing  when the width is over four feet.

The height of a countertop varies by application and user.  The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that counters have a minimum clear height of 29 inches and a maximum height of 34 inches.  This is to allow someone who uses a wheelchair to reach all objects on the counter comfortably.  Washroom countertops, for example, must meet these standards in public buildings.

Because GFRC is cast, the edges are smooth and clear.  They are the same texture and color as the countertop.  In addition, since they are part of the countertop, there are no problems with delaminating edge bands.

GFRC countertops can be cast with sink cutouts in them.  This is a distinct advantage over other materials.  Cutting a hole in most materials for the sink risks weakening the integrity of the material.  That just is not an issue here.

Examples of GFRC Countertops

Though commonly found in kitchens, countertops can be used in any number of other spaces. From private or public, interior or exterior, countertops can be found all over. GFRC countertops can be customized for usage in restaurants and bars, kitchens, bathrooms, outside sitting areas, government buildings — anywhere people might need a surface to write on, work on or eat off of. Regardless of where you need a countertop, Stromberg can help you find the perfect GFRC countertop for your purposes.

Specific Applications for GFRC Countertops

  • Restroom wash stations
  • Food preparation areas
  • Reception desks
  • Cell phone charging stations

Contact Stromberg for GFRC Info

For more information and to order your Stromberg GFRC Countertops,  Visit Stromberg Architectural Products or call (903) 454-0904.  We have design professionals who will help you choose the countertop that best meets your needs. Stromberg is here to help, and the initial consultation is free.

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