Gardening and Landscaping with Stromberg GFRC

January 9, 2013

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GFRC for Gardening and Landscaping

Planters for Gardening and Landscaping in GFRC

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) might not be the most common material for gardening and landscaping, but it is undeniably one of the most versatile and effective. It can be used for any number of purposes including planters, sculpture, barriers, fountains and gazebos. Due to the diverse and durable nature of GFRC, you can really use it for just about anything relating to gardening and landscaping.

GFRC is Durable and Weather Resistant

One of the best features of GFRC is its resilience. GFRC is resistant to erosion from wind and rain. It is unaffected by extreme temperature fluctuation and can stand up to both deep freezes and sweltering heat. It can be used as a barrier for creating berms or earthen tiers, and it will not rot or delaminate the way wood might. GFRC planters are resistant to impacts and will not shatter if they are knocked over in high winds, and GFRC sculptures can be easily cleaned if they become dirty or vandalized.

Custom GFRC Grants you the Freedom to Create

Another benefit of gardening and landscaping with GFRC is its versatility as a building material. The master artisans at Stromberg have years of experience working with GFRC and can customize it to emulate nearly any other material. Terracotta style planters can be made to look just like old Tuscan pottery. Granite or marble inspired sculptures can be made to be nearly indistinguishable from the real stone. Authentic brick walls can be constructed out of GFRC that don’t require any mortar and can be put up in a manner of minutes instead of days. Truly, if you can think of a design element for any gardening or landscaping project, we can build it.

Benefits of Stromberg Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

  • GFRC can be precast for easy installation
  • GFRC can be site cast if design constraints require
  • GFRC is lightweight
  • GFRC is durable
  • GFRC can stand up well to freeze/thaw
  • GFRC can simulate practically any texture

For more information on Stromberg GFRC for Gardening and Landscaping:

Professionals at Stromberg Architectural Products are waiting to assist you with your Stromberg GFRC gardening or landscaping projects.  Stromberg offers design assistance, CAD details, and specifications. Visit  Stromberg Architectural Products for more information about quality GFRC, or call (903) 454-0904. Stromberg is here to help, and the initial consultation is free.


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