Why Choose GFRC: Cost Effective

GFRC is Cost Effective
So many of the benefits of using GFRC in place of traditional concrete add up to one very big advantage – cost effectiveness. Here is a rundown on what makes this building material cost effective.

What Does Cost Effective Mean?
Cost effective does not mean cheap or low cost. What it does mean is that the product or service does offer value in terms of the money spent and the return it will offer. Usually this relates to the return that the person receives after spending the money and how that return will either save money or create an intangible benefit.

While there may be cheaper building materials out there, these may not be cost effective like GFRC, which offers significant benefits that the other materials cannot deliver.

What Makes GFRC Cost Effective?
There are a number of ways that value is created with GFRC as compared to other building materials commonly used:

  • Innovation: GFRC has been able to solve many design issues and challenges that other materials just cannot, including matching historic features and structures and being used on applications like underwater structures.
  • Formability: As an innovative product, GFRC can also be shaped into virtually anything as well as made to look like any other type of building material and in any color. This means it can be formed into a wide range of architectural products that other materials simply cannot, including products like coping, columns, surrounds, handrails and more.
  • Quality: The quality of GFRC is unmatched in consistently delivering an architectural product that meets, and sometimes even exceeds, expectations.
  • Performance: With a lower weight and significantly higher strength, its performance is second to none, which means it is made to last through all types of contact, including water, fire, seismic activity, wind and extreme temperature changes. Lab tests have confirmed its high resistance and durability over time as well as its ability to perform better than other materials like concrete.
  • Low Maintenance: Not only is GFRC made to last, it also requires very little maintenance. This saves on other types of costs that are often part of the equation if other building materials were used.
  • Installation: Because of the lighter weight, GFRC is easier to transport, handle, and install. This can cut project time and labor costs, making it very cost effective over other materials that are heavy, cumbersome, and require larger equipment to install.
  • Environmentally Friendly: In the construction industry, the regulatory environment is changing and requiring more ‘green’ materials. Switching now to an environmentally friendly building material like GFRC can create a competitive advantage and remove any future costs or potential penalties for emissions or pollution.

Learn More about Cost-Effective Solutions with GFRC Architectural Products
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