Blast Hazard Mitigation Cladding with GFRC

August 20, 2011

Blast Hazard Mitigation

GFRC to resist the blast load and dissipate its energy

In an explosion, the pressure wave released by the blast strikes the building’s exterior cladding. The cladding material must resist and dissipate the energy from the blast. That’s where Stromberg GFRC proves its worth.

Stromberg GFRC blast resistant cladding offers:

·         Flexibility, to absorb, dissipate and  nullify the blast energy.
·         High performance glass fibers, to hold the concrete together during a blast event
·         Blast performance able to exceed 10 psi peak pressure, 89 psi-msec impulse
·         Accommodates seismic, live load and thermal building movements
·         GFRC is available in a range of colors and textures
·         Systems custom-designed to your unique requirements
·         Project-specific engineering calculations and full scale blast testing

Perimeter Security in GFRC
In addition to Blast Resistant GFRC Cladding, Panels and Architectural Shapes, Stromberg offers a range of options in security bollards and planters to limit access and proximity of vehicles to the building.
Blast Resistance Criteria
Stromberg Blast Resistant GFRC cladding, components and panels are custom designed on a project by project basis to meet either:

  • General Services Administration Inter-Agency Security Committee (GSA-ISC) “Security Design Criteria for New Federal Office Buildings or Major Modernizations”
  • Department of Defense (DOD) Unified Facilities Criteria UFC 4-010-01 “Minimum Anti-Terrorism Standards for Buildings”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Determination of applicable Level of Protection and Stand-Off Distance is the responsibility of the Owner’s security/blast consultant.

Stromberg GFRC clients have included:
·         US Pentagon
·         US Navy
·         US Army Corp of Engineers
·         Hospitals
·         Embassies

Help with detailing and specifications

Stromberg GFRC offers you 30 years of experience on over 1400 successful projects. We can help with detailing, specifying or designing the GFRC for your project.  For more information and assistance with your design challenge, please call us at (903) 454-0904 today or email us at [email protected]. .