GFRC Bas Reliefs Adds Flair to Buildings

September 2, 2011

GFRC Bas relief

bas-relief lion

When the great cathedrals of Europe were being built, stone masons could spend a lifetime carving the bas relief for the church.  Indeed, sometimes their sons spent their lives on the same buildings.  Fortunately, it does not take that long to make beautiful bas relief carvings these days.

Stromberg can cast almost any bas relief piece to order. We have a huge catalog of stock pieces to chose from.  If you have a particular design you want custom made, that is available, too.

One of the nice things about GFRC bas reliefs is their ability to make as many exact copies of a piece as our customers need for a building.  These can be installed with confidence because they are all perfectly matched.  Hand carved bas relief pieces, even when carved by a master carver, are never exact copies.  There are always subtle differences between the pieces that can detract from the building. GFRC bas reliefs from Stromberg Architectural are as precise as you need them.

Stromberg GFRC bas relief is also fairly quick.  Once the CAD drawings are approved for a custom piece, or a piece is chosen from the catalog, the mold is prepared.  Once the material hardens, it is removed from the mold, polished, and ready to go.  A large order might take weeks instead of decades.  A smaller order is ready much sooner.

Stromberg GFRC bas relief has to be seen to understand just how crisp and clean the casting process leaves the bas relief.  Consult Stromberg bas relief for  project pictures that illustrate this beautifully.

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